2/13 setups

BULL MARKET - Breadth is making new highs ahead of price which is suggesting that we should expect new highs in equities in the coming weeks. Yesterday was labeled as a follow through day by IBD which is also confirming the market uptrend.






ZC_F – hidden smash, bullish commercials, strong seasonality

AER – hidden smash, darvas box, EPS 2/20

NTCT – two consecutive inside weeks, bull flag, EPS 4/24

TWC – hidden smash trigger, weekly bull flag, EPS 4/24

ININ – hidden smash trigger, pullback to support, EPS 5/5

TSLA – hidden smash trigger, EPS 2/19

WIX – hidden smash, IPO base, EPS N/A

AA – hidden smash, bull flag, EPS 4/14



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