2/25 setups

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BULL MARKET - Breadth has been leading to the upside and price has finally followed higher. Tuesday 2/11 was labeled as a follow through day by IBD which is also confirming the market uptrend.






EUR.USD – hidden smash, bullish seasonality

GILD – hidden smash, EPS 5/1

GALT – positive outside day, zero debt, EPS 4/4

NUVA – hidden smash trigger, hidden smash weekly, weekly bull flag, EPS 3/3

SPG – hidden smash, Barron’s 2014 top pick, EPS 4/25

TREE – darvas box, EPS 3/12

ENV – hidden smash weekly, weekly bull flag, EPS 5/15

CMG – hidden smash trigger, EPS 4/14

NTCT – hidden smash trigger, strong RS line, EPS 4/24



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